Conserv Congo is a non profit organisation, based in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  With its head office in Kinshasa, there are also two satellite logistics  offices near the parks it services. The organisation is three years old now since its implementation. It was founded and still coordinated by Mr. Adams Cassinga, a former investigative journalist turned environmentalist. As a qualified and certified honorary ranger, Cassinga, with the help of other wildlife/nature fanatics and professionals have managed to stand against all odds in order to address the many challenges pertaining to nature conservation.

Conserv Congo has got a renewable five year partnership with the ICCN (Institut National pour la Conservation de la Nature), which is the custodian of all fauna and flora of the DRC.

This memorandum of understanding grants Conserv Congo the right to operate and be active in all aspects of nature conservation in all national parks and nature reserves.

The organisation was born not only as part of a civil responsibility and passion on the founder’s side but also as a necessary measure required in the nature conservancy’s actual circumstances.

The organisation is still battling in terms of funding , hence it relies on donations and members’ contributions for its daily running.

At the moment, the organisation is involved in various projects in and around four major national parks, mainly Salonga, Kahuzi-Biega, Virunga and Garamba.


The  mission is to preserve and protect the Congolese biodiversity while we  share its existence with the rest of the world.


After almost two decades of civil war and instabilities, The DRC has endured one of the most brutal atrocities known to humankind. In the process, about 10 million people are believed to have lost their lives and half of that displaced from their homes. The war has left many destitute, refugees in their own country and a legacy of widows and orphans.

Even though the war is officially over, the consequences are still  visible to the naked eye.

Armed groups and militia, motivated by power thirst and greed have mushroomed here and there, most of whom find safe haven in national parks and protected forests.

They now resort to poaching wild animals, including protected species such as the forest elephants and primates  for food and selling their tusks to finance their wars.

On the other hand, we have other poachers who are well equipped with modern technology and kill animals for commercial purposes. Animals are killed for their horns, tusks, teeth, fangs and hides to be sold across the world where they make jewellery, amulets and medicines.

Illegal mining and oil drilling is also rife in the region. Most of the time such activities have rebels behind it and it’s accompanied by gross child labour and forced prostitution in these protected areas.

Another challenge is illegal logging and uncontrolled logging by foreign  companies, decimating slowly but surely the dense rainforest, a habitat to many and diverse types of animal and vegetal life.

All the above reasons combined are the reasons behind the existence of Conserv Congo. With meagre means but a strong will, this baby organisation is determined to challenge these obstacles head on to the victory.

A number of partners such as the Congolese government through  its parastatal ICCN, has come on board and many more international organiations as well as influential individuals are lending a hand in order to make ‘CC’ a success story in conservation.

The road is still long and bumpy but there is no turning back now. With ‘CC’, we shall fight for our natural heritage and the victory is certain!

Please share the word with the world about this war we are combating!


  • Promotion of scientific tourism/research.
  • Fighting poaching in all its forms and shapes through any possible and admissible ways.
  • Protecting the Congolese rainforests and their biodiversity
  • Contributing towards local sustainable development.
  • Fighting poverty as a tool to conserve nature.
  • Local capacity building  in nature conservancy.
  • General support and assistance to park rangers in the DRC.
  • Creating environmental awareness in communities through education and campaigns.

Together, we can win this war!

When government comes on board to save nature. From left to right: Ed Doubel, Entomologist; Honourable Frank Ekofo, national MP from Tshuapa; Dr. Cosma Wilungula, Director General of ICCN (Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la nature); Jyothish Namboothiri, Civil Engineer;  Adams Cassinga, Conservationist , honorary park ranger and project Manager for Conserv Congo DRC. Agenda: We must promote scientific tourism.


Only found in Congo! The lesula (Cercopithecus lomamiensis)  The lesula is the second new species of African monkey to be discovered since 1984.The species was listed among the Top 10 New Species 2013 discovered in 2012 as selected by the International Institute for Species Exploration at Arizona State University out of more than 140 nominated species. Its distinctiveness is its human-like eyes, genital area and booming dawn chorus.



You can also help!

For any contribution, volunteerism, partnership or donation towards this noble cause, please contact us on: +27 731 943 941/+243 970 440 110 / WhatsApp +27762055128 or email us using the contact form on this blog.